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The picture tells a story that presents hope.  Twenty children graduating from an orphange near Tokmok.
Historically, we could expect to ‘lose’ about 13 of these children to drugs, alcohol, trafficking, suicide, prison. Historically we have seen the excitement of graduation turn into the harsh realities of no jobs, no education and no hope for a successful future. Children falling into the slim of society for lack of Life Skills and someone that cares.
We have been working hard during the last year or so to change the statistics. Katya has been teaching these students from our LIFE SKILLS program during the last year.  One 90 minute lesson each week and the kids ‘love’ coming to the classes. Helping equip them to meet the challenges of their new world.
We have profiles of each of these students: their hopes and dreams.  We will do our best to track them and support them whenever and wherever possible. Our current Jeremiah House, houses only 8 graduating orphans – 4 boys and 4 girls.  It has been running at capacity.
One child at a time: one future, one hope, one success.
For all of you involved with the Jeremiah Project: Jeremiah House, Jeremiah Steps and Jeremiah Dropin Center, we thank you for your support. The vision, of a hope and future for each graduating orphan, has been cast.
Can you see the final result?  You can be involved, contact us for more information on what you can do.


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